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From my ten years working in Agile organizations (most of them trying to embrace SCRUM) — I have experienced many different Scrums flavours — some of them so tailored to the organization that you could not even call it Scrum anymore. The challenge is that the entire company wants to adopt Scrum without knowing its pillar, leading to frequent miss practices.

In this post, I bust eight misconceptions about Scrum (following the list from The Liberators learned during my PSM II training), which hopefully will give you a better understanding of the Scrum framework and how to implement it correctly.

1. The Scrum Master leads the Daily Scrum.

Part 2 of the ongoing series From Zero to Product Manager. In this post, I provide four essential steps to transition to a PM role.


If you read part 1 of my ongoing series, you hopefully now have a better understanding of the Product Manager position. Now, let’s have a look at how to transition to this career path.

What you will find in this article:

Four steps to prepare for the PM job:

  • 1) The difference between transitioning internally and externally
  • 2) How to create an online presence
  • 3) How to prepare a portfolio
  • 4) How to write the perfect Product Manager CV

1) Transition internally is easier than externally

PM within the company

The first advice any PM would give you is always to try to find a PM position…

When focusing exclusively on current users data harm your prioritization process.

Your customer and everyone else who didn’t make it — Photo by MaisonDigital

In this post, we study the Survivorship bias — the danger to concentrate your data analysis solely on existing power users — explain the potentially harmful consequences and present actions to overcome it. This article is part of a series about defeating bias as a Product Manager.

Product Management is complex. You have to decide on the Product’s fate while listening to various stakeholders with each different set of requirements. The prioritization of your Roadmap is made even more difficult by conflicting sources of information. …

This article will provide definitions on what metrics are, a framework for categorizing them, and recommendations of four basic rules to set useful metrics by using real-life examples.

Show me the data

As a Product Manager, you might have been in this situation: you are in a middle of a meeting with C-level, and they want to know how the new feature you have been working on helped the company goals. You start explaining how it’s improving the user experience, making it much easier to use and that it will attract new customers, but Management is not impressed: they want numbers.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

As the old…

How cognitive bias can be detrimental to decision making

Authority Bias — Photo from iaexperiment

In this post, we study the Authority bias — the tendency to attribute greater weight and accuracy to the opinion of an authority figure — and provide real-life examples as well as present actions to overcome it. This article is part of a series about defeating bias as a Product Manager.

As a Product Manager, you need to make decisions daily. You decide the new ideas that will boost revenue, you prioritize features and you define the KPIs.

For all those decisions, you have to take into consideration market research, user research, data, and a vast variety of input. As…

A science-based eight steps routine to kick start my day

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

As most countries continue to extend the duration of the lockdown, the effect of the confinement is becoming more evident for me. It’s affecting not only my mental health but also my physical well-being (, 2020) [1]. This article provides simple science-based steps that I decided to follow to transform my morning routine for a new motivated, and energized self.

In its latest publication regarding the COVID-19, the WHO confirmed that

“Managing your mental health and psychosocial well-being during this time is as important as managing your physical health.” (World Health Organization, 2020) [2]

The pandemic is indeed remarkably affecting…

Use this plan to get the restorative sleep you need during a time when you need it most

Photo by Kwanchai_Khammuean

No matter what condition you’re currently in, it’s highly probable that the imposed lockdown due to the coronavirus has had an impact on your mental health.

In my case, the never-ending flow of news articles about new cases and deaths, the unstoppable forwards in WhatsApp groups with so much fake news, and the prognostic on yet another financial crisis have increased my anxiety to a point where I can’t sleep. I’ve discussed this with several friends who’ve experienced the same feelings, and they suggested I should take medications or CBD oils.

According to a metaanalysis published in Sleep Medicine Reviews

In this article, I provide recommendations to optimize your Design Sprint (DS) by preparing correctly. I explain how inviting the best people, preparing the right place, and having the appropriate material enhance the outcome of the Design Sprint drastically.

Preparation is fundamental for a fruitful Design Sprint (photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

You might be familiar with Google Design Sprint and its six stages, in case you are not here is a summary.

0. Recap of the Google Design Sprint

0.1) Definition

Google Design Sprint definition from Google Ventures:

This article is Part 1 of the ongoing series From Zero to Product Manager. A set of articles that help you transition to a Product Management role. Originally published in Hackernoon.
In this post I explain what a Product Manager (PM) is and how the role can differ across companies, I describe the best qualities of an excellent PM.


You are aspiring to a switch into a Product Management career but don’t know where to start from: this article is for you. Product Management roles started rising less than 20 years ago, it’s normal not having a clear understanding of…

In case you are not familiar yet with the Design Sprint (DS), I suggest you read my “Beginner guide on Google Design Sprint.” To save you time, I include a definition of the Design Sprint at the beginning of this post or you can jump directly to section 1.

0. Recap of the Google Design Sprint

Google Design Sprint definition from Google Ventures:

“The Sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. Developed at Google Ventures, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a battle-tested process…

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